Women in Charge- Ashley

Time to resurrect my Women in Charge series! I love reading about strong women and getting to know their story. So when I decided to revive these series, I immediately started thinking of a list of women in my life that inspire me. Ashley, owner of Minny Spoons, is definitely on top of my list.

I first met Ashley where people meet friends these days: Instagram! We are both Tone it Up girls from MN and that’s how I first came upon her IG page. We attended Tone it Up meetups, events and workouts together!

Ashley is also an entrrepreneur who started her own nut butter, Minny Spoons, business last year. I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that her business will be a tremendous success across the nation. First of all, her nut butters are UNREAL. They are so delicious that I could probably eat a whole jar. Second, Ashley is just one of those women who are so sweet and so nice that you can’t help but want to support her in whatever she is doing!

Ok enough of me talking about her, let’s get to know more about Ashley in her own words!19247919_10207188867600060_6551324512114172069_n

1) Tell us a bit about yourself! Hi! I’m Ashley, I’m 25 years old living in Minneapolis, MN (born and raised!). I currently work full-time as a Business Analyst in the corporate world but outside of work I run my own nut butter company! I am also super passionate about living an active, healthy lifestyle. I’ve been obsessed with food blogs ever since college and I’m always trying new recipes in the kitchen; my favorite thing to make is healthy muffins! On the weekends you can usually find me at a local fitness studio or at a popular brunch spot – I love to eat!

2) Why did you start Minny Spoons? Minny Spoons actually grew out of a GoFundMe fundraiser for a volunteer trip with The Her Initiative. I sent everyone who donated a homemade jar of nut butter or energy balls and the response I received was incredible; everyone loved them! I also realized that I loved making and sharing my nut butters with people! Once I hit my fundraiser goal I didn’t want to stop, so I had a friend help me create labels and within a few weeks I was selling my nut butters and energy balls at a farmers market! From there Minny Spoons just took off!

3) How can we support you and your business? I am actually running a Kickstarter Campaign right now that will help me move into a commercial kitchen space so that I can sell my nut butters all over the US! You can check it out here!: http://kck.st/2nTf1Wy Otherwise if you want to follow along as the business continues to go, you can find me on instagram at @minnyspoons 🙂

4) Any advice to anyone that wants to start their own business? Think less and just do it! Once you have an idea just take that first step and start. You’ll never be able to plan for everything so be open to shifting gears often and keep learning as you go! Also find the people who have gone through this process and ask them questions! Chances are they’ll be happy to help 🙂

5) Favorite Minny Spoons nut butter flavor? Definitely cinnamon date! For now 😉

Thanks Ashley for being a part of this series! If you haven’t tried Minny Spoons yet, you might have your chance real soon! Ashley has met her kickstarter goal but there’s still 2 weeks left! Check out her links below!

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