Big changes, oh my!


Wow. This little blog of mine has been oh so neglected! So many changes since the last time I wrote!

The biggest change is that I am no longer living in the Twin Cities. We moved to Greensboro, NC! My husband accepted a job at a University here and we packed our lives  and moved down south. So far, so good. I’m pleasantly surprised how much I am liking NC. It’s beautiful down here. Oh, and it’s December and it’s 50 degrees. Not bad, NC, not bad! Not to say I don’t miss MN though, because I certainly do! In fact, we are going back home for the holidays and I cannot wait!

Another big change? A CAREER CHANGE! I am no longer in the mental health field and am now in the food/beverage marketing field. I quit my FT job back in April to take on the marketing coordinator role at WholeMe, a snack company based in MN, part time. Yes, it was a gutsy move, it was uncomfortable leaving $$$, but I knew I needed that change. I was no longer happy at my old job and it was time to make that leap. And I have never looked back!

Let’s see, what else… We adopted another dog! We adopted Artaud, 1.5 year old shiba inu, back in April. He’s adorable. It’s great watching him come out of his shell. He was so scared when we first met him. He’s still skittish around other people but he is so comfortable with us now.

Unfortunately, even though we added to our family, we also lost a furry family member, our bunny.  RIP Bun Bun.

Ok, I think that about covers it. Until next time!

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