Maui (aka paradise) Trip 2017!

My husband and I just got back this week from the most amazing trip ever… Maui, HI!  We went to Oahu a couple of years ago, fell in love with Hawaii, and knew right away that we had to go back and visit a different island as soon as we could.  We finally made it back to Hawaii last week and had the most amazing trip exploring Maui! If we could move there right now, we would!  It was definitely more mellow and relaxed feeling than Oahu.

Here are some of our trip’s highlights:

THE FOOD!!! If you still didn’t know, I am a big big lover of food.  I am happiest when I am eating (lol) so of course I have pictures of my favorite eats:

Haleakala Sunrise – you MUST MUST do watch the sunrise at the Haleakala Summit if you are ever in Maui.  You are above the clouds and it is the most amazing view, it’s almost unreal!  We woke up at 3 am to drive the 2 hours to get to the summit and then there was nothing else to do but wait.. or look at the stars while waiting for the sunrise.  IT IS FREEZING up there so if you ever go, make sure you bring your WINTER gear.. not even kidding!  jacket, hat, gloves, blanket, you will need it all!  For more info, check out this website: Go Hawaii.  After the sunrise, we hiked 4 miles of the Sliding Sands at Haleakala National Park.  Woof.  Major inclined hike, but I just kept telling myself “one step at a time, left right left right” lol.. it worked!

Mini adventures around West Maui including Nakalele Blowhole, Heart Shaped Rock, Dragon’s Teeth AND BEACHES!  We had to go down the side of cliffs, climb up rocks, to get to the bottom and see the blowhole and the heart shaped rock (cannot believe I did that) but definitely worth it.


WHALE WATCHING!!  One of the best things ever was going whale watching!  Omg I didn’t know I was obsessed with whales until this trip.. what a freakin majestic animal.  We even saw a baby whale that the guide named Dill (LOL!)  We went through Pacific Whale Foundations that our $ went back to them!  I took so many pictures but only two really turned out lol but WORTH IT.


Ocean Pools:  Olivine Pools off the Kahekili Hwy and my favorite, Venus Pools, off Hana Hwy.  First of all, what a view!  These pools are so beautiful.  Second, you have to climb down rocks to get to them.. again, I cannot believe I did that!  I was too scared to do the same thing to get to some pools when we were in Oahu but for some reason, Maui just brought out the fearlessness.. must be the pursue your legend ‘tude (thanks Alchemy!)  Between the two, I definitely liked the Venus Pools more AND ALSO YOU HAD TO JUMP OFF THE SIDE OF THE CLIFF TO GET INTO THE VENUS POOL!  Thank god I didn’t know that or else I don’t think I would’ve gone but I did it! .. ok , it was like the lowest point but whatever, I got into that damn pool.  I definitely recommend visiting this if you are ever in Maui!

The Road to Hana.. duh!  Of course we had to do this!  Instead of just doing the drive and going back to Lahaina, we decided to check out of our Lahaina airbnb and stay one night in Hana so that we could take our time.  Thank god for my husband who can plan things.  We stopped at so many waterfalls and views and god nature is beautiful!  I highly recommend buying the travel guide book “Maui Revealed” as it has all the tips you need.. it’s the blue book.  It tells you where to stop and how to get to a specific spot that we would have never known or seen without this guide.

Red Sands Beach & Black Sands Beach:  The way to get to the Red Sands beach is considered so dangerous that there was a warning sign right before getting on the trail and we also a sign at a local Hana cafe that they were not able to give directions on how to get there.  Naturally, we went and took pics duh 🙂 and the Black Sands beach? BEAUTIFUL!

Pipiwai Trail:  a 4 mile hike that rewards you with the most beautiful majestic waterfall ever.. wow!  And a mile of bamboo trail! LIKE WHAT?!  MUST DO!

Ho’okipa Beach Park : Our flight back home wasn’t until 9 pm so we had the whole day to just chill before having to go back to reality.  We didn’t really have a plan but thanks to Instagram, I found a tag for this beach park and so thankful that we got to see this! Beautiful views, surfers surfing big BIG huge waves, oh AND SEA TURTLES!!!


I am so thankful that we were able to experience Maui. What a beautiful, beautiful place and I cannot wait to go back!

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