for the animal obsessed.

If you couldn’t already tell, I am a HUGE animal lover.  I will be the one that will stop strangers on the street so I could pet their dog, the one at a party in the corner hanging out with the pet, ya know, normal things.

So when I saw that Alexa, a local Twin Cities chica that I started following on Instagram because I loved her photos, started an etsy shop selling cute animal related t-shirts, ya know your girl had to get on that!

Her mission is “to raise awareness for animal rescue and advocacy groups”.  I mean, how perfect is that?  And I also love that 10% of the sales will go to an animal rescue group.  This especially tugged at my heart since I sit on a board of a non-profit whose mission is to assist animals in need by supporting animal rescue groups.


I chose this shirt in particular out of her designs because I feel like the bold letters and the message could start conversations.  I love talking to people about the importance of adopting instead of “buying” their pets at pet stores.  Whatever breed, size, age, cats, hamsters, dogs, you are looking for, I guarantee you that you can find a rescue group that you can adopt from.  So if you see me around town with this shirt on, stop me and let’s have a conversation 🙂

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


So do me a solid and check out Alexa’s etsy page!

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