Chicago: Girls Weekend!

Not to brag or anything (but I am), I had an amazing weekend last week.  I went on a weekend girls trip to Chicago with two of my gfs and just had such a fabulous time.  The company, the city, the food, the workouts, it was just what I needed.

Friday morning:  We were still trying to figure out where we were going to stay for the weekend.  We had planned on using the app, Hotel Tonight, to get a good deal on a 4 star hotel but some medical convention ruined that plan (ha!).  But no worries, we just went with the flow and booked a hotel as we were boarding our plane.

Landed, checked in to our hotel (we stayed at the Warwick Allerton, tip: their elevators were mad slow), and then off we went to find some food for dinner and maybe stop somewhere for a cocktail.

We ended up at Lyfe Kitchen for dinner and had a really good #vegan meal.  TIP: If you are vegan, make sure to order “ALL THE WAY VEGAN” even if you are ordering from the VEGAN menu.  Or else you will get cheese on your salad.  That was the tip we got from the waitress “make sure to order all the way vegan next time”😂  You just have to laugh, right?

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

After dinner, we headed to the Broken Shaker Lounge inside the Freehand Hotel (where we initially had planned on staying).  I would recommend visiting this place if you are ever in Chicago!  cute little lounge-y area with pillows and comfortable couches and yummy drinks! But beware: you might find yourself surrounded by 18 huge men out for a bachelor’s party.. oh wait, that’s not normal? 😂

Saturday morning:  Headed to Flywheel for a 60 min spin class.  HOLY SHIT.  such a scorching class led by an AMAZING instructor.  We went to the Gold Coast location and our instructor was Candy, who I highly recommend taking a class from her if you ever get the chance!  I was struggling for the first 20 minutes there but finally got the hang of it.  My amazing friends made it on the “Torque” board.  I was #3249839483 probably 😂.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

and then of course we had to stop at Chicago Raw at some point.


Saturday night: LOTS OF DANCING. ’nuff said.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Sunday morning: debated but finally decided to NOT cancel our morning “Torch” class at Studio Three.  It was meant to be because my beautiful friend ended up saving someone’s life!!  😱We noticed a woman who looked like she was struggling to breathe, gave her some water, but she was actually CHOKING!  My friend gave her the heimlich and saved her life! And to think we almost cancelled our workout!  (T, YOU ARE A HERO!!)



Sunday Brunch at Kanela’s.  Pictures will just speak for themselves.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


This past weekend was amazing and I cannot wait to go on a girls trip again in the future!


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