on love and loss.


I recently experienced a loss that, for a lack of a better word, sucked.  I lost my best furry friend, my one true animal soul mate, the one that ignited my passion for anything animal related, my little 17 year old chihuahua named Diamond.


Diamond was no ordinary dog.  She was literally the most perfect little dog in the world, and I’m not biased or anything.  I wish I could say that she was with me her entire 17 years but I am not that lucky.  I adopted Diamond 8 years ago from an old coworker who apparently didn’t have time for her anymore.  My first instinct now is to call bullshit on that excuse but I actually should thank her for giving me the best gift anyone could ever give me.


If you know me, the first thing you will know about me is that my number one passion is anything animal related.  I am that person at a dinner party or some event that would rather hang out with the dog, the one that squeals every time I see a random dog on the street, the one that will try to kidnap your dog (kidding.. or am I..?).  But it wasn’t always that way.  Not until Diamond came along.


When I adopted her from an old coworker, I never had my very own dog before and lived in oblivion about how animals are treated.  I became obsessed with her (like, obsessed! I have THOUSANDS of pictures of her just on my phone ,so.. ) and in turn, opened my eyes to the real need of giving animals a voice.  I adopted another chihuahua a year later (Bella!) from a local Twin Cities rescue group and that officially started my work with the animal rescue world .. but that’s for another post.


12063679_10101626187739170_5415823918383268852_nDiamond will always be that dog that started a lifelong passion for me.  She was my constant companion for 8 years.  Who knew that such a little dog could ignite such a big change in my life!  I feel so lucky that I had the privilege of being her “mom” for 8 short years.  I hope everyone will have the opportunity to experience unconditional love like that.


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